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Quality private security is provided only as a result of dedication to excellence.

Our Vision

Professional, proactive, service-oriented, full-spectrum security that adds value to our clientele by creating safer environments and communities. 


Working in close partnership with community and business groups, public safety, and peer organizations, we seek to enhance and enrich our overall community.  

We expect and accept from ourselves only the highest levels of professionalism and performance.  We envision a security profession that is held in its earned position of trust and respect in society, having proven throughout the ages - as well as in modern times - our value and sacrifice to society.

Our Mission


- To our society, we pledge to do our absolute best to promote the highest public safety performance standards and to do whatever is within our power to promote a proactive, integrated, professional role that benefits us all.

- To our clients, we pledge to increase and enhance the safety and security within every aspect of the scope of our duty, never forgetting the trust that they have placed in us to do our utmost to protect their interests as if they were our own.

- To our profession, we pledge to promote enhancement and improvement of our place in society and to honor the sacrifices of those who have gone before by exemplifying only the best performance in our duty.

- To each other, we pledge to do our best to take care of our brother and sister security officers, to stay at the top of our field so that we may best help one another in times of need, crisis, and emergency.

- To ourselves, we pledge that, to the best of our ability, we will maintain ourselves at the peak of our professional potential in every aspect of our chosen profession, seeking always to learn, refine, innovate, and execute - all to the highest level.

Our Values

Vision:  Forward-thinking, we are forging a path for a future of more professional security 

Adaptability: We find ways to add value to all environments and assignments.

Loyalty:  We are loyal to our teammates and to all of our stakeholders. 

Integrity: Our thoughts, our words, and our deeds must - and will always be - one. 

Accomplishment: We seek to accomplish our objectives in performance and professionalism. 

Nobleness: We strive to accomplish our duties at the highest levels of morality. 

Teamwork: Working together, we see our team effort as integrated with each other, with peer and support organizations, and with our clients and community. 

At the core of our business model you will find these values...






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