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Your peace of mind at an affordable price.

We provide superior service at affordable rates. 

We specialize in designing security programs around existing security budgets.  






Who We Are

VALIANT PRIVATE SECURITY is a company based on the idea that security companies should provide professional, proactive services to their clientele.  Our aim is to set the standards high and then meet or exceed those standards.  

  Far too often, security companies don't utilize personnel  who view their role as important or professional. We hire and train only the best in the security field.  By providing custom-tailored security services that help to keep communities safe, we are raising the bar for private security.

What We Do


VALIANT PRIVATE SECURITY specializes in providing customized security solutions.  Our security programs are designed to integrate into our customers' community.  We work in partnership with local resources to better serve and protect our client's property, employees, and interests.

  By utilizing effective public safety strategies, we succeed in developing safer environments where others often fail.
When you need security, VALIANT PRIVATE SECURITY will be there for you!

How We Do It


VALIANT PRIVATE SECURITY  develops business partnerships and working business relationships with our clientele.

  Our overall goal is an ongoing mutually beneficial business relationship with you and your company. We do this by designing a security program to fit your needs from the start.  

  Security assessments, professional security personnel, and private patrol are all parts of the comprehensive security program that we can provide for you.

If you are looking for professional security services at affordable pricing, Valiant Private Security is your solution."


Clarissa Arguetta

Community Manager

Legacy Community Management

I can only say that if you are considering Valiant Private Security you are considering the VERY BEST." 

James A. Gaggero

Police Officer

West Valley-Mission P.D.

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